Concerned you may have mold and considering a home mold test?

Your concern is well-placed because many strains of mold have been linked to asthma, immune deficiencies, skin and respiratory disorders and more. Finally, a home mold test kit that gives you the answer you need in just 5 short minutes! No dealing with messy Petri dishes and hidden lab costs incurred by other Do-It-Yourself tests. No waiting for difficult to interpret lab reports.  Results in minutes instead of weeks! In just 3 easy steps you will know right away if you have problem mold. And If the mold test is positive, you can call us for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss how to resolve the problem. It's that easy.    It's the best value in DIY home mold testing and utilizes patented technology from the U.S. Center for Disease Control.   Find out what thousands of other satisfied customers have already discovered.  


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5 minute mold test

ticDetects over 32 different unhealthful mold species using a U.S Centers for Disease Control - patented technology validated at an AIHA- accredited laboratory.

ticTests for unhealthful mold in just 3 quick steps and requires no culture plates or lab fees.

ticDoes not detect common everyday molds and offers a free consultation with positive result!

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5 Star Reviews and Results You Can Trust!

useruserRobert O.
“Opened the box, watched the minute & a half video on their site, did test and got my time from start to finish was less than 10 minutes! Highly recommended.”

useruserNicole N.
“Wow - highly recommend this product if you have concern about mold in your home... Very easy to follow the directions and results in 5 minutes. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone.”

“Shipped the same day and arrived quickly well packaged. If you have concerns over mold I would highly recommend this product. It performs as advertised and contains good instructions to use.”

Results in Minutes, Not Weeks!

You don’t need to see the mold...the 5-Minute Mold Test Kit can detect mold spores in household dust!

The 5 Minute Mold Test Kit was developed by Alexeter Technologies, trusted by Homeland Security, US Military, EPA and over 1,000 other governmental agencies.





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